Mathematics in interactions with other sciences

Submitted by Insmi on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 21:45

The interactions of mathematics with other sciences are more and more intense because of the increasing need for modelisation, quantitative analysis and simulations. Insmi supports these orientations, which arouse new challenging mathematics.

Insmi's interdisciplinary actions take several forms:

  • Insmi contributes with the other CNRS Institutes to defining the programs of the Mission pour l’Interdisciplinarité of the CNRS and elaborating its proposals.
  • Insmi organises with other Institutes interdisciplinary programs on specific domains, such as data mining with the INS2I or geophysics sciences with Insu.
  • Insmi hires researchers from other disciplines and appoints them in math labs; similarly, mathematicians are hired and appointed in labs depending on other institutes.

Mathematics of the Earth : In 2013, the French National Research Agency launched MathsInTerre, a research Thinktank about the mathematics of the Earth. Hosted by the IHP and supported by the Insmi, it aimed to construct a collective analysis of multidisciplinary interaction and to stimulate discussion upstream of the definition of an action plan. The results of this research Thinktank are now available in the form of a report entitled Mathematics & the complexity of the Earth system.

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