Mathematics in interactions with the business world

Submitted by Insmi on Sat, 07/02/2016 - 18:18

Insmi develops its relations with firms and industry through the Agency for Interaction in Mathematics with Business and Society (AMIES, UMS 3458). This CNRS unit aims to develop the relations between academic research teams in mathematics and business, especially SMEs, according to three main objectives:

  • Encourage and support new collaborations specifically with SMEs; and increase the notoriety of the value of Mathematics for enterprises.
  • Mobilize, motivate and (in)form the academic researchers concerning such collaborations.
  • Change the image of mathematical research and raise its public awareness, especially for (future) students.

The Agency relies on a network of correspondents in laboratories that promote and strengthen contacts between the maths laboratories and companies. Its main programs are:

  • The First Exploratory Projects Support (PEPS) program which aims at supporting the initiation of new collaborations between mathematicians and SMEs.
  • The Week Study Mathematics-SEMEs, where PhD students work on problems proposed by firms.
  • The Math Forum Employment bringing together every two years students, business and academics.
  • The Math-Business PhD prize, awarded each year under the aegis of Mathematical Societies (SFdS , SMAI , SMF).
  • Support in events that highlight particular business relationships and math CEMRACS, in particular in partnership with Inria and SMAI.

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Industrials and maths students at a Week Study conference
Besançon, October 2015. At the end of their SEME Week Study, students report on the results of their Week Study in front of the industrials who submitted the problems they needed examined or solved from a mathematical viewpoint. ©ENSMM/P1br
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