Visiting Centers

France welcomes you to 3 world-renowned centres

The Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP): The Home of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics since 1928

In order to encourage interdisciplinarity as well as interactions between scientists from all around the world, the IHP hosts, in the heart of Paris:

  • 3 thematic semesters per year (information and registration online);
  • The Poincaré Chair, created in January 2013 with the Clay Mathematics Institute, which offers ideal working conditions to promising young researchers;
  • Various regular seminars, such as the Bourbaki seminar (mathematics) and the Bourbaphy seminar (theoretical physics);
  • A series of high-level PhD lectures aimed for French and foreign students;
  • Meetings between small groups of researchers.

The IHP has an outstanding free-access library in mathematics and theoretical physics and is involved in dissemination actions towards politicians, the media and the general public through artistic, entertaining and interactive events.

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view of the institute in winer

The Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM Luminy): Scientific events and residential facilities in Marseille

CIRM offers researchers a whole range of possibilities to:

  • Organize or attend one-week research schools, conferences and other shorter or longer events (such as small workshops, research in pairs etc.). Many of these activities are partly subsidized by the centre for board and lodging.
  • Apply for a Jean-Morlet Chair semester, a unique opportunity to run your own programme of events and spend 6 months in Marseille. Researchers can live onsite and develop intensive collaborations with researchers at Aix-Marseille University and invite international visitors.
  • Run workshops over several years on topics in mathematics at large, as well as maths in interactions (with industry, economy, society etc.) as from late 2018.

CIRM has amazing facilities that include onsite accommodation and catering, open-access to a very large library and dissemination of the latest research findings through a very dynamic audiovisual online library. Brand new residential facilities will complement the current offer from late 2018.

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the main building at cirm
©cirm                                                  "La bastide"                                                               


The Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques (IHES): An international reference point for free exchanges between scientists

IHES aims to encourage theoretical research in mathematics, physics, human sciences methodology and any other related theory based discipline.

Free of teaching duties and administrative tasks, its professors and visiting researchers undertake research in complete independence and total freedom, at the highest international level. This prestigious institute also proposes various activities such as thematic trimesters, seminars, "Cours de l'IHES" as well as summer schools on different topics.

Ever since it was created, IHES has cultivated interdisciplinarity. The constant dialogue between mathematicians and theoretical physicists has led to particularly rich interactions.

The programme of invitations can allow visiting researchers to benefit from a residential stay at this special place, which is a member of Université Paris-Saclay and close to Paris universities.

main building in the park
Main building in the park.

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